Zero to Two Thousand Kilometres

It’s been one week now and after putting away just under 175km on the road, I’m ready to commit to a somewhat crazy but definitely acheivable goal. With Ramadan around the corner (July 9), I’ve got my sights set on clocking in a solid 2000km of cycling in Ottawa. Once fasting month hits, I guess the whole “cycling to work” endeavour will be out of question and out of the equation – unless of course we figure out a way of staying hydrated on a 40km ride without drinking water.

I’ll be tracking my progress and routes on this page.

I’ve managed to get my early morning motivation from this video – of coure, after hitting snooze at least three times. By the third time, I figure it was ringing for a purpose.

If you want to join or got some cool videos you want to recommend, shoot it over this way.

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