Who Coined iPhoneography

This post has absolutely nothing to do with who coined the term, iphoneography. But it’s pretty hilarious finding out this site came up as a Google search result for that term. Moving along to what this post is really about.

You Found Me How
I don’t recall the last time I looked at my site stats. More specifically, the keywords that people use to find my site. After reading yet another funny post by Patti on how people found her, I figured I would write up a similar post. Unfortunately, I can’t produce anything as funny as “blind girl eyes”, “can hives look like scabies”, or “cheboygan chicken joe”. My Eureka! moment came after scrolling past 189 lines of networking, server, and web programming related terms. I found my first jewel at line 190.

From the rest of the keywords, I would guess that 70% of it had the word Vyatta, while the remainder was a mix between Ubuntu, Apache, Tomcat, PHP, Cisco and Squidguard. Here are the top 8.

What this spells out for me is that I should probably more posts relating to Vyatta, Cisco and networking as a whole. What’s surprising is that my last networking article, URL Filtering and Blocking Crap with Vyatta, was written almost 2 years ago on January 30, 2010. Yet, this site still produces most of its traffic on those topics.


  1. Patti

    You seem to attract a lot of people who like to borrow money from their parents. :)

  2. ahmeddirie

    lol, of course! All thanks to that last riddle I posted up.

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