What’s the Real Value of Social Media?

“The thing I learned as a child that I’ll never forget is the simple idea of the difference between a community and a crowd. In a crowd, people push and they shove, and they elbow and they fight, and they try to get one step ahead of person next to them. In a community, people look around, they might smile, they might nod, they might shake somebody’s hand, they might give a hug, they might share their story, because they know that a community does not improve or does not move forward unless everyone moves forward together.” Livestrong CEO, Doug Ulman

I recently watched a video on Inc where Doug Ulman talks about social media and how it enables people to connect and share their story. Although his video focuses on his organization and Brian, it really shows us the power of using social media and the things that can be achieved by connecting with people who share in your belief, value or mission.

Being from Somalia, I get an inside view on the vast number of problems and struggles people there face. Most of us in the diaspora want to reach out and support the various causes aimed at uplifting people through projects providing clean water, education, building schools and universities, constructing hospitals and many more. Some of those programs take advantage of social media to spread their message, while most are still heavily dependent on local support.

How can you being to use social media for your message? Watch the video of Doug’s talk here.

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