Vyatta Advertisements Not Fit for Print

I think I found my favorite ad thus far.

As a freelance designer, I got contacted quite often to design advertisements and marketing collateral. Although, I haven’t done much in way of design for 2009. Most of my work this year involved a fair bit of networking, but a lot of web development on the back end. One habit I still carry forward is looking at how companies market their products and run their advertising campaigns. If it gets my attention for more than 10 seconds, its perfect.

Today was inevitably, the Vyatta day. I’ve been poking at their solution for the past few weeks, trying to get it to do what isn’t normally discussed with old-fashion networking, and its been quite the journey. After perusing around their site, I came across the “Not Fit for Print” Ads, and just fell in love with this ad. In fact, some of the ads on the site are just on point, if you’re into that outta of the box type of thing.

You can view more here.

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