Stay On Your Grind.

I’m going to confess and flat out tell you that my mornings start off on a hilarious note. The alarm clock is blaring in the background, I’m glued to my bed and right away my quadriceps begin it’s campaign to notify me that it happens to be sore. And they rightfully are. I’ve heard and watched several motivational videos (a couple of times each) and it’s almost impossible to be newly inspired when you can guess what the next words in the video are going to be. From that, I’ve discovered something rather interesting.

I fully believe I can become a motivational speaker. If a career shift were ever on the horizon, this area will be a tough contender to the list of options. Ultimately, I’ve set a random, yet realistic goal, and the truth of it all is that it requires hard work. I’ve scratched the surface and I have a lot of scratching to do over time.

In this post, I thought I would share with you some of the words and thoughts I’ve been sharing with my inner self while I inhale 20 kilometres of air and 20 ounces of water.

If there is one thing I can promise you, it’s that it won’t be easy. You have to remain positive and always stay on your grind. Always remember that without pain, you will not achieve success. The bruises and scars you’ve accumulated along the way are your stripes of honor. Wear them with pride. No one has ever gotten anywhere without sacrificing the things that take up their time for the thoughts of achievement that plague their mind. If you fail, and you won’t fail, it’s only because you gave up and walked away from the obstacles in front of you. Honestly, failure was never your reality, so keep pushing hard because the obstacles will forever keep coming at you.

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