Beef Up on Analytics

Of the countless things you do as a designer or developer of a website, the most important aspect is actually understanding your website. Being able to take the statistics pumped out by your analytics engine and making sense of it is solving the first part of the puzzle.

Many sites come prepackaged with Webalizer. It’s pretty straight forward and let’s you know how well your site is doing. However, I just don’t think its intuitive at all. More or less, it’s not in a form that is readable to me.

I began using Google Analytics some time last year, and it’s by far one of the most powerful analytics engines I have seen. It tells me “everything”. It brings into perspective the knowledge you need to understand what areas of your site are useful, and what sections you can part ways with, or give a facelift.

Google Analytics is free. So, you don’t expect to see much updates or changes to it other than the obvious. If I can remember correctly, the last major update was the integration with Google Adwords.

How about if you want to extend your analytics capabilities even further? What if you needed to know more? How about being able to control the information you are provided, or access specific data at set or scheduled times?

And then I met Mint.


Mint is “the” analytics engine for anyone who needs to understand their site better and be able to track not just site traffic, keywords, and search terms alone. However, Mint isn’t free, but it inexpensive. With the capabilities of Mint, a license fee of $30 per site is extremely hard to turn down.

You can access an online demo here.

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